CraigmurphResearch Professor and Co-Director
Center for Governance and Sustainability, University of Massachusetts Boston
Betty Johnson ’44 Chair; Professor of Political Science
Wellesley College

Areas of Expertise
Global Governance, International Organizations, Private Sector and Private-Public Partnerships, International Affairs, Economic Development, Political Economy,  United Nations, Globalization

Craig Murphy studies the global politics of economic development, global governance, international political economy, and international relations theory. He is the co-director of the Center for Governance and Sustainability. Murphy is past-president of the International Studies Association (2000–01) and past-chair of the Academic Council on the UN System (2002–04). He was one of the two founding editors of the international public policy journal, Global Governance, which received the 1996 award from the American Association of Publishers for the best new journal in the social sciences, management, and the humanities.

Murphy is actively involved with the effort to reform the UN’s work throughout the developing world including as a consultant for the World Economic Forum’s Global Redesign Initiative and for the FUNDS (Future of the UN Development System) Project. Murphy has overseen post-doctoral students and served on doctoral committees in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America and is regularly consulted on program design and the pedagogy of international studies, a role he has played at Haverford, Manchester, Middlebury, Mount Holyoke, Rice, Rutgers, Tufts, Williams and other schools.

Recent Publications
2017     Relocating the Point of IR in Understanding Industrial-Age Global Problems, What’s the Point of International Relations?, Synne L. Dyvik, Jan Selby, and Rorden Wilkinson, eds, Routledge.

2015  The Last Two Centuries of Global Governance, Global Governance 21(2): 189-96.

Craig Murphy and Kevin Gray, “Rising Powers and the Future of Global Governance”, Third World Quarterly, 34:2 (2013).

Craig Murphy, “Do the Left-Out Matter?” New Political Economy 14 (2009)

Craig Murphy, The International Organization for Standardization (ISO): Global Governance through Voluntary Consensus (2009).

Craig Murphy, The United Nations Development Programme: A Better Way? (2009)

Updated July, 2017