Oliver C. Ruppel, Christian Roschmann, and Katharina Ruppel-Schlichting (eds), Climate Change: International Law and Global Governance (Nomos, 2013).

The two-volume publication is one of the first attempts to systematically address both international climate change law and global climate change governance. It deals with international law and the multiple regulatory regimes reflecting fragmentation in the absence of a universal climate change regime. International climate change law, global climate governance and diplomacy are interrelated and extremely complex. The publications explore these areas from a variety of doctrinal, transdisciplinary and thematic perspectives.

Volume I, Legal Responses and Global Responsibility, assesses the most pressing impacts of climate change on various international law regimes. The main focus lies on

  • International climate change law as a new international law discipline
  • Climate change and human rights
  • Climate change, international trade and investment law
  • The law of the sea and sea level rise
  • Judicial review and international climate change litigation
  • Other subjects such as mitigation regulation, natural resource management and climate-engineering

Volume II, Policy, Diplomacy and Governance in a Changing Environment, reflects on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the most pressing impacts of climate change on international diplomacy and global governance. This is highlighted from various transdisciplinary and geopolitical perspectives with a special focus on the challenge of strengthening national and international climate change policy, sustainable development and increasing equity around the world, which goes beyond the capacity of national governments. Various international climate change cooperation and protection efforts are analysed, also in the context of global security, climate induced migration movements, adaptation and the loss and damage debate.

About the Editors

Prof. Dr. Oliver C. Ruppel is Professor of Public and International Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa and Professor Extraordinaire at several Universities around the world. Until 2010 he held one of the worldwide 14 academic chairs of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which he established at the University of Namibia, where he had previously also served as the Director of the national Human Rights and Documentation Centre. He is currently Coordinating Lead Author in the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Prof. Dr. Christian Roschmann is the Director of the Rule-of-Law-Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is Professor at the Hochschule Harz, University of Applied Sciences, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany and was visiting Professor at Strathmore Law School, Nairobi, Kenya in 2012–2013. He was previously Director of the Legal and Human Rights Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Timor Leste.

Dr. Katharina Ruppel-Schlichting is the Director of the Legal Research and Development Trust for Africa. She is an international legal consultant and author of a variety of academic legal writings.

List of Contributors (both Volumes)

Achala C. Abeysinghe | Ivo Appel | Gilberto Arias | Christoph Bals | Nadia von Bassewitz  | Ian Burton | Christian Calliess | Alexander Carius | Andrew Dlugolecki | Ina Ebert | Kristie L. Ebi | Harrie Esterhuyse | Joy Faida | Fana Gebresenbet | Markus W. Gehring | Michael B. Gerrard | Jan Glazewski | Siri Gloppen | Sven Grimm | Eugene Gurenko | Armin Haas | Holger Haibach | Margaux J. Hall | Dirk Hanschel | Sven Harmeling | Johan Hattingh | Jarrod Hepburn | Christian Hey | Manfred O. Hinz | Peter Höppe | Sonia Human |Patricia Kameri-Mbote | Gerhard Kemp | M. Hafijul Islam Khan | Robert Kibugi | Hans-Joachim Koch | Paul Kovacs | Sönke Kreft |Eliamani I. Laltaika | Julie G. Lennox | Marcel Leroy | Wanxin Li | Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer | Thomas Loster | Cord Lüdemann | Ulrich Magnus | María Máñez Costa | Aidan G. Msafiri | Babette Never | Collins Odote | Yemi Oke | Noriko Okubo | Aaron Oxley | Sainab Husain Paragay | Ariranga G. Pillay |  Erika Pires Ramos | Tianbao Qin | Erin Roberts | Agata Rogalska-Piechota | Stefanie Ricarda Roos | Christian Roschmann | Oliver C. Ruppel | Katharina Ruppel-Schlichting | Kathrin Schneider | Clive Schofi eld | Werner Scholtz |Roland W. Scholz | Kathleen Schwerdtner-Máñez | Navraj Singh Ghaleigh | Jaap Spier | Asuncion Lera St. Clair | Hennie A. Strydom |Yukari Takamura | Dennis Tänzler | Silvio Tschudi | Sanita van Wyk | Roda Verheyen | Gregg B. Walker | Gregory E. Wannier | Koko Warner | David C. Weiss | Gerd Winter | Guifang (Julia) Xue | Simon Young | Cathrin Zengerling | Michael Zissener