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Ritu Mathur

Banting Post-Doctoral Fellow
McMaster University

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Episode Summary
In Episode 39 of the Current Issues podcast series, Dr. Ritu Mathur joins co-host Andrew Koltun to discuss medicalization and weapons control. How has the problem of weapons been medicalized for more than a century? What tensions arise when identifying valid weapons based on unnecessary suffering versus military necessity? Where do stakeholders such as the International Committee of the Red Cross sit in this debate in quantifying suffering? When compared to the success of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and its efforts within the publicity campaign that aimed at public conscience, where is the future success of weapons control through medicalization headed? Through addressing these questions, Mathur discusses the implications of  a health-based strategy for arms control and disarmament.

Additional Resource
Practices of Legalization in Arms Control and Disarmament: The ICR, CCW and Landmines (PDF)

About Ritu Mathur
Dr. Ritu Mathur  is currently a Banting Post-Doctoral Fellow at McMaster University, Canada. She completed her Ph.D from York University, Toronto. Her research interests are broadly in the areas of Critical Security Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Humanitarianism, Arms Control & Disarmament. Her article, ‘Practices of Legalization in Arms Control & Disarmament’ published in Contemporary Security Policy was nominated the Bernard Brodie Prize for outstanding contribution in 2012. She has travelled extensively, worked in three continents and presented her research at several international forums.


Recorded March 2014.