• Current Issues 4 – Haiti

    Current Issues 4 – Haiti

    Yasmine Shamsie discusses the current state of affairs, shifting nature of political mandates, and historical record of multinational intervention in Haiti. In her interview with us, Shamsie discusses the various institutional challenges which remain on the governance front.

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  • Current Issues 3 – Peacekeeping

    Current Issues 3 – Peacekeeping

    Lise Morjé Howard joins us to explore the historical origins and contemporary re-imaginations of multinational peacekeeping operations. She argues how peacekeeping has changed to encompass multidimensional peacekeeping operations in intrastate contexts.

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  • Current Issues 2 – Security Council Reform

    Current Issues 2 – Security Council Reform

    John Groom joins us to discuss the question of United Nations Security Council reform. Groom highlights that efforts aimed at reform can be envisioned as part of a much broader multifaceted project, where considerations of organizational dynamics, understandings of power relations, and relationships of inclusion and exclusion must be emphasized.

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  • Current Issues 1 – Child Soldiers

    Current Issues 1 – Child Soldiers

    Dr. W. Andy Knight joins us to discuss the challenges facing initiatives that deal with the global increase in the use of child soldiers. Dr. Knight offers insights into why the issue of child solders must be addressed as well as better ways to understand the causes of the different dynamics involved in this issue.

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