Political Science PhD
Professor – Faculdade de Direito e Relações Internacionais/Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados


Areas of Expertise
Human Rights, International Human Rights Law, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Multilateralism and Regimes, Post 2015 Development Agenda, Secretaries-General, The Global South, UN Human Rights System, United Nations, United Nations Reform

Matheus de Carvalho Hernandez is Visiting Scholar at the Institute for the Study of Human Rights (Columbia University) and International Relations Professor of Faculdade de Direito e Relações Internacionais at Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados (UFGD-Brazil) since 2011. Hernandez works on UN human rights system, specially the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the Vienna Conference (1993) and its consequences. Nowadays, he conducts the following post-doc research at Columbia University: “The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in New York: institutional development and political agency (1994-2017)”. 

The best Political Science PhD Thesis of 2015 according to National Association of Graduate Studies and Research in Social Sciences (ANPOCS, in Portuguese) and Honorable Mention in ANPOCS PhD Social Sciences Theses Content of 2016.

Ph.D., University of Campinas (Unicamp-Brazil): 2015. Political Science, International Relations. Distinction. “The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and their Office : creation and institutional development (1994-2014)”.

Editorial Assistant. Sur – International Journal on Human Rights (Conectas Human Rights): 2011.

M.A., University of São Paulo State (Unesp-Brazil): 2010. Social Sciences, International Relations. “Human Rights as a global issue and sovereignty in the Post-Cold War international system: the Vienna Conference (1993)”.

B.A., University of São Paulo State (Unesp-Brazil): 2007. International Relations. “II World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna, 1993: dissensus and consensus.” Academic Merit.

Recent Publications
THE RISE OF HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE IN THE POST-COLD WAR WORLD: THE VIENNA CONFERENCE (1993). The Age of Human Rights Journal, v. 2, p. 86-108, 2014.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights: Conscience for the World ed. by Felice D. Gaer & Christen L. Broecker. Human Rights Quarterly, v. 36, p. 971-973, 2014.

A Conferência de Viena e a Internacionalização dos Direitos Humanos. 1. ed. Curitiba: Juruá, 2014.

Updated October, 2017