Liliana Andonova

Professor of International Relations and Political Science, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

In this ACUNS Book Talk podcast, hosted by Anastasia Ufimtseva, Liliana Andonova discusses her new book: Governance Entrepreneurs: International organizations and the Rise of Global Public-Private Partnerships. The book focuses on global public private partnerships that have transformed international institutions by creating platforms for direct collaboration with NGOs, foundations, companies and local actors. These partnerships introduce a model of governance that is decentralized, networked and voluntary, and which melds public purpose with private practice. In this podcast, listeners will learn about how Governance Entrepeneurs applies to global governance in general; discover the factors that prompted Andonova to write the book; and learn about some of the key arguments. Andonova discusses the responses of states to these partnerships and explains how public private partnerships have transformed international institutions. Andonova also reveals some of the best developed public-private partnerships in global governance and and offers insight to the parts of her book she enjoyed writing about the most.


About the Author
Liliana Andonova is Professor of International Relations and Political Science, and Academic Co-Director of the Center for International Environmental Studies at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. She is the author of Transnational Politics of the Environment (2003); co-author of Transnational Climate Change Governance (Cambridge, 2014); and co-editor of a special issue on the Comparative Politics of Transnational Climate Governance of the journal International Interactions (2017).

Recorded July 2018