Ian Hurd

Associate Professor
Northwestern University


In this episode of the ACUNS Book Talk podcast, hosted by Anastasia Ufimtseva, Ian Hurd discusses his recently published book: How to Do Things with International Law. The listeners of this podcast will have a unique opportunity to hear Ian’s perspective on the rule of law in world politics. In the podcast, Ian reveals what prompted him to write this book and why he decided to focus on the international rule of law. The discussion touches on the shortcomings of realist and liberal perspectives on international law. Ian provides an alternative interpretation that bridges politics and international law. Ian also discusses the difference between conceptualization of international law as a constraint and as a permissive tool used by the governments. The listeners will also learn about the connections between specific case studies and international law. Ian even reveals his favourite case study in the book. In this podcast, we also find out why international law is conceptualized as an “empire” in Ian’s book. Ultimately, the podcast reveals the interconnectedness between power, politics, and legitimation in international law.

How to Do Things with International Law (ACUNS Books by Members)

About the Author
Ian Hurd is associate professor of political science at Northwestern University and a Director of International Studies Program. Ian’s research explores international relations, international law, international organizations, and the United Nations. Ian has written extensively about politics of international law and institutions. He is the author of After Anarchy (Princeton University Press) and International Organizations (Cambridge University Press).

Recorded December 2017