Nanette Svenson

Adjunct Professor
Tulane University, Payson Center for International Development


In this episode of the ACUNS Book Talk podcast, hosted by Anastasia Ufimtseva, Nanette Svenson discusses her new book: The United Nations as a Knowledge System. This fascinating book explores accumulation, generation, and the distribution of knowledge within UN’s agencies. The podcast explores the subject matter and overall structure of the book. Nanette argues that UN agencies can help erase inequalities related to knowledge disparities and demonstrates that the UN’s knowledge-related activities have a unique potential to promote development and economic growth. Overall, the book opens a conversation on the role that knowledge can play in international organizations and development.

The United Nations as a Knowledge System (ACUNS Books by Members)

About the Author
With over 20 years of experience in international development, Nanette is an adjunct professor at Tulane University and consultant for the United Nations and other international organizations. She helped establish the United Nations Development Programme Regional Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean and headed its research and knowledge management efforts for four years. She has held managerial positions in private sector service firms, as well, and is co-founder of Pro Artesana, Panama’s first non-governmental organization dedicated to local artisan capacity building. Her education includes a PhD in International Development from Tulane; an MBA from IESE in Barcelona; and a BA from Stanford. She teaches at graduate and undergraduate levels; conducts research, program evaluations and capacity assessments; and publishes in academic and development journals. Nanette is based in Panama and her research focuses on capacity development, particularly in relation to higher education programs.

Recorded December 2016