Board Committees
Board Committees exist to support implementation of the governance activities of ACUNS. Each Board Member is expected to be on one or more of the committees.

These committees are:

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee shall ensure that the Board fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through effective governance-policy development and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of board activities and the performance of board members and officers.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is responsible for developing and implementing effective approaches and initiatives to facilitate growth and diversity across each of the three categories of membership

Programming Committee
The Program Committee oversees the Council’s programmatic activities and is charged with long-range planning beyond core programs. While ACUNS staff carries out the day to day activities which result in the development and implementation of the organization’s programs, the committee works with the staff to develop and design new program opportunities, monitor and evaluate program performance, and suggest improvements.

Nominations Committee
In fulfillment of its responsibilities, the Committee collaborates closely with the Executive Director and secretariat staff in all aspects of the recruitment, compilation, and review of nominees, as well as submission of the final slate to the full Board and Council membership for electronic balloting.

Development and Partnership Committee
The Development & Partnership Committee is responsible for identifying and cultivating development and stewardship opportunities for the organization, as well as establishing appropriate strategies to promote and strengthen the range and scope of institutional partnerships with the organization.