Slawomir Redo

The farther backward you can look, the farther in the future you are likely to see”, said Winston Churchill, one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century.  This “back to the future” book by Professor Sławomir Redo on the power of United Nations ideas that emerged after the Second World War to counter crime globally is  for the  education and training of students, UN staff and others. It makes them, diplomats, policy-makers and academics aware of the history of the UN Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme, and of its future in the coming years. The author projects  the idea of the United Nations Criminal Justice Studies for a more pronounced, comprehensive and  viable  response to crime in the world. The book includes 20 text boxes by 14 authors – international crime & justice experts, 40 UN Crime Programme photographs and a glossary of UN terms. On a DVD it includes Guidance Note with 60 questions for education and training, UN documents, movie documentaries, and a photo album.  The book has a synopsis in 6 official UN languages. This altogether carries 2.5 GB of blended UN-related data and information otherwise hard to reach, at your fingertips.  Accordingly, as a handbook, it reconceptualizes, synthesizes and visualizes UN criminological knowledge for practical crime counteraction and as a contribution to the United Nations Studies.

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