Eunsook Chung Research Manager,
New York City (United States) Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice


Areas of Expertise
Environment, Ethics and Leadership

Region of Focus
North America

Kwan-Lamar Blount-Hill is a doctoral candidate in criminal justice at the City University of New York Graduate Center/John Jay College of Criminal Justice (New York, New York, United States) and a research manager at the New York City Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice. He research interests include: Individual and collective perceptions of justice, trust and legitimacy; theorization of place and space; morality, religion and society; mechanisms of social control; green criminology and environmental justice; race and sexuality in criminal justice; emergency services management.

Recent Publications

Blount-Hill, K., & Natarajan, M. (forthcoming). Human-wildlife competition: Exploring human activities, environmental transformation, and mammalian species threat. In M. J. Lynch & S. F. Pires (Eds.), Quantitative Studies in Green and Conservation Criminology: The Measurement of Environmental Harm and Crime. Baca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

Updated March, 2019