• Angela Kane’s Speech at the 2016 Vienna UN Conference

    Angela Kane’s Speech at the 2016 Vienna UN Conference

    On January 13 Angela Kane, Former UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, spoke at the opening session of the 2016 Vienna UN Conference New Approaches […]

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  • AM16 Visa Information

    AM16 Visa Information

    Do you need a Visa? You can find out if you need a visa to visit the United States using the U.S. Department State’s website.  […]

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  • United Nations Year in Review, 2015

    United Nations Year in Review, 2015

    The United Nations ‘Year in Review, 2015‘. “2015 was a year of triumphal moments and haunting images: A little boy, washed up on the shore […]

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  • Maritime ‘Repo Men’: A Last Resort for Stolen Ships

    Maritime ‘Repo Men’: A Last Resort for Stolen Ships

    Ian Urbina New York Times Reporter ACUNS member Ian Urbina is writing an investigative series, “The Outlaw Ocean,” on the crime and violence prevalent on […]

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  • Muldoon, James

    Muldoon, James

    Vice Chairman The Mosaic Institute   Areas of Expertise Diplomacy, Global Governance, Intergovernmental Organizations, International Affairs, International Organizations, Multilateralism and Regimes, United Nations Background James […]

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  • Weil, Shalva

    Weil, Shalva

    Senior Researcher Hebrew University of Jerusalem   Areas of Expertise Genocide, Human Rights, Immigration, Indigenous People, Sexual Violence in Conflict, Violence Against Children, Violence Against […]

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  • Ahmad, Mokbul

    Ahmad, Mokbul

    Associate Professor Asian Institute of Technology   Areas of Expertise Civil Society, Civil Wars and Intrastate Conflict, Climate Change, Economic Development, Environment, Global Food Security, […]

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  • Mills, Kurt

    Mills, Kurt

    Senior Lecturer in International Human Rights University of Glasgow   Areas of Expertise African Union, Genocide, Human Rights, Humanitarian Response, International Criminal Court, Peacekeeping, Protection […]

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  • UNESCO, December 2015

    UNESCO, December 2015

    Once a month, the UNESCO Assistant Director-General for External Relations and Public Information sends a letter to Non-Governmental Organizations, official partners of UNESCO. As ACUNS […]

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