United Nations Internal Justice Council

Areas of Expertise
Development of International Law, Global Governance, Human Trafficking, International Administration, International Justice, International Law, Oceans and Law of the Sea, Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, United Nations Reform, Ethics and Leadership, Globalization, Human Security, International Affairs, International Organizations, United Nations

Region of Focus
Latin America and the Caribbean,Sub-Saharan Africa

35 years of experience in the United Nations as a legal officer (formal retirement June 2016) , in the field of international law of natural resources and the environment with a focus on the Law of the Sea and sustainable development of the oceans; right to development; economic, social and cultural rights, ethics of globalization; peace building; fight against human trafficking; United Nations internal organization and justice system, staff management relations at international organizations. Advisor to United Nations staff Unions and Associations. Former litigator at the United Nations internal justice system, prior to incorporation to the Internal Justice Council