Permanent Mission of Bulgaria to the UN in New York


Areas of Expertise
Civil Wars and Intrastate Conflict, Comparative Politics, Diplomacy, European Union, Global Governance, Intergovernmental Organizations, International Affairs, International Non-Governmental Organizations, International Organizations, Multilateralism and Regimes, Peace and Security, Peacekeeping, Regional Specialization, Secretaries-General, United Nations, United Nations Reform, US Foreign Policy

Region of Focus
Europe, North America, The Middle East

Angel Angelov has more than a decade of diplomatic experience at the UN in New York. Currently, he serves as a First Secretary at the Permanent Mission of Bulgaria to the UN in New York, where he has covered issues like the Security Council agenda and reform, peacekeeping, Middle East, Balkans, cooperation between the UN and Regional organizations, etc.

He has PhD in Political Science (Sofia University) and postgraduate degrees from the University of Geneva & the Geneva Centre for Security Policy; the University of Bologna; the University of Athens; and the University of Kent. He was awarded numerous research and study grants, incl. Jean Monnet Research Fellowship; Marie-Curie Fellowship; OSI fellowships; Sasakawa Doctoral Fellowship; Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Societe grant; fellowships from the Swiss, the Italian and the Greek governments; etc.

His professional background includes university teaching and management of academic projects. He participated in over 100 international conferences and workshops on foreign policy, hosted in 27 countries and has over 40 academic and newspaper articles and book chapters

Recent Publications

When Goliath Has a Veto: The United Nations Security Council’s Engagement With the Crisis in Ukraine. Undergoing peer review.

2. Regional Involvement in Peace Operations: An Analysis of the Debate Within the UN Security Council. Journal of Conflict, Security & Development, 10: 5, pp. 599 — 623, London: Routledge /Taylor and Francis Group/ & King’s College, London, 2010, ISSN 1467-8802,

3. The Bulgarian Regional Diplomacy In The Context Of The NATO Enlargement Toward The Balkans, Papels del Este, Transiciones postcomunistas, N8 – July 2004, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain, ISSN 1576-6500,

4. The Policy of NATO Conditionality: The Cases of Bulgaria and Romania, – Journal of Foreign Policy of Moldova, issue: 04/2004; Centre for European Studies (CES), Moldova,

5. NATO Enlargement Strategy For The Balkans – Shaping the Environment, Romanian Journal of Society and Politics, Volume 2, Number 2, 2002, pp. 114-136, Bucharest, ISSN: 1582-5795.

Updated January, 2020