Dr Gabriel Amvane
Legal officer
Horizon Amitié


Areas of Expertise
African Union, International Law, Peace and Security, Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Refugees and Displacement, United Nations

Gabriel Amvane is a legal officer at a Centre for asylum seekers in Strasbourg (France). He previously worked with the Permanent Mission of the Gabonese Republic to the United Nations from September 2010 to December 2011. At the time, Gabon was a non-permanent member of the Security Council. He then worked for Gabon to the Security Council. He also volunteered with CIMADE, a French association that helps asylums seekers during their legal and administrative procedures before the French authorities.
He holds a Master’s degree and a PhD in public international law from the University of Lorraine (France) where he specialized in the maintenance of international peace and security. His dissertation focused on “Peacekeeping in Africa by the UN and the African Union”. He often intervenes in conferences related to international peace and security, both in French and English.

Recent Publications
– “United Nations Peacekeeping and the Developing World”, Swiss Review of International and European Law, Issue 3, 2018 (conditionally accepted)
– “Ending impunity for peacekeepers involved in sexual exploitation and abuse”, ACUNS Quarterly Newsletter, Issue 3, 2017
– “Review of Comparative Study of Child Soldiering on Myanmar-China Border; Evolutions, Challenges and Countermeasures, by Kai Chen, ACUNS Review, August 2016
– “Intervening pursuant to Article 4(h) of the Constitutive Act of the African Union without a UN Security Council Authorization?”, African Human Rights Law Journal, December 2015, pp. 282-298
– “Enjeux et perspectives de la reconstruction de l’Etat malien”, Civitas Europa, No. 31, December 2013, pp. 219 – 231
– “Les Rapports entre l’ONU et l’Union africaine en matière de paix et sécurité sur le continent africain”, Publibook, April 2012, 114 pages

Updated, April 2018