Below you will find the list of presentations for the 2014 ACUNS Annual Meeting. The list is sorted in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author. To view a PDF version of the paper, please click on the title.

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Submitted Papers

Stephen Browne
Can the UN survive patchwork multilateralism?

Jörg Michael Dostal
Post-independence Syria and the Great Powers (1946-1958): How Western Power Politics Pushed the Country Toward the Soviet Union

Nina Hall
A Catalyst for Change? The Inter-Agency Standing Committee and the Humanitarian Response to Climate Change

John Karlsrud
“The UN at War: Examining the Consequences of Peace Enforcement Mandates for the UN Peacekeeping Operations in the CAR, the DRC and Mali”

Paul Meyer
Can Cyber Conflict be Defused? Diplomatic Options for International Cyber Security

Leila Nicolas
Neighboring Insurgency: How are the Syrian Crisis and International Responses Driving Lebanon to a Fragility Trap?

Bob Reinalda
Being Secretary General of NATO between 1961 and 1964

Anikó Szalai
Anti-discrimination, Protection of Minorities and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the UN – Is this a Patchwork or a Fine Embroidery

Azza Sirry and Sandra Bustamante
“The road to liberating citizens while governing the urban areas. The tale of two cities: Cairo and Buenos Aires”

Otto Spijkers and Arron Honniball
“Developing Global Public Participation (1): Global Public Participation at The United Nations”

Kendall Stiles
“Trust and Voluntary Dependency: The Case of European Micro-states”

Nanette Svenson and Meredith Bambrick
“Propelling Global Norms: How the United Nations Influences International Law”

Füsun Türkmen
From Libya to Syria: The Rise and Fall of Humanitarian Intervention?”