ACUNS Annual Meeting and Covid-19

Dear ACUNS AM20 Participants, Dear ACUNS Members,

Following up on our recent note regarding Covid-19 of March 13th, I am pleased to inform you that the ACUNS Board has decided to organize our 2020 Annual Meeting as a virtual event. The Board’s decision to turn the physical AM into a virtual AM is necessary and timely. It allows us at the Secretariat to fully prepare in the coming months for organizing an ACUNS Annual Meeting that is unprecedented, innovative, and perhaps a way forward for our global future.

Participants will need to register to gain access to the online event; however, registration will be gratis and anyone who has already paid for AM20 registration will be refunded the conference fee. Further details will be available soon.

There can be no doubt that organizing a virtual conference comes with new challenges and hurdles, but also new opportunities and ambitions.

Over the next days, the ACUNS Secretariat will work with the Board to come up with the best possible virtual alternative that includes as many time zones as possible, fosters the UN Secretary General’s concept of global conversations, contributes to our mission to bridge scholarly and practitioner debates, and values diversity.

We’ll keep you posted and send you a more formal update by Monday, March 23.

Math Noortmann
Executive Director, ACUNS
Roger A. Coate
Chair, ACUNS

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