Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Annual Meeting.


How long should the presentation be?

The Workshop Panels are scheduled for 90 minutes. Most panels have four presentations, and a few have five. For Workshop Panels with four presentations, please prepare individual presentations of no longer than fifteen (15) minutes, to allow time for questions and discussions. Your Workshop Panel Chair will be asked to notify you at 10 minutes, and strongly remind you with one minute left.

Do I need to submit my paper in advance?

ACUNS does not require that papers be completed and submitted before the Annual Meeting. Paper submission is voluntary, but ACUNS does hope to upload as many revised papers as possible after the Annual Meeting. These papers are featured in our scholarly articles library and advertised through our E-Update with an audience of over 3,500 people. To read more about submitting your paper after the meeting click here.

Is there access to AV and/or internet when presenting?

While the Workshop Panel rooms all should have A/V available, please do not rely on it in case there are technical problems. We will do our best to address any problems that may arise, but the Program will carry on as scheduled.