Postdoctoral Researcher


Areas of Expertise
African Union, Diplomacy, Human Security, Humanitarian Affairs, Humanitarian Response, Immigration, International Affairs, Peace and Security, Refugees and Displacement, Regional Specialization

Region of Focus
North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, The Middle East

After serving at mostly foreign affairs related bureaus of Turkish governmental institutions, Mr Akcay shifted his career to academia, as of February 2012.

Entitled ‘Turkish Foreign Aid as a Foreign Policy Instrument’, his PhD thesis is published in Turkish; ‘Bir Dis Politik Enstruman Olarak Turk Dis Yardimlari’. Dr Akcay is also the co-editor of the book titled ‘Half a Decade in Turkey: Ambassadorial Insights’, (

He’s awarded Chevening Fellowship in Scotland on “Government Relations with NGOs and Civil Society”. Following his Visiting Scholarship in Wales, Dr Akcay obtained the Fellow status of the Higher Education Academy of the United Kingdom.

Dr Akcay is the Member of the Academic Council on the United Nations System and Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Human Security. His research interests primarily are African Politics, Contemporary Diplomacy, Foreign Aid Politics, Human Security, and International Security.

Recent Publications

AYOUBI, RAMI and AKCAY, ENGIN (2018), “A Unique Opportunity to Promote Scientific Collaboration”, University World News, Africa Edition, Issue:525, UK.

Recent ACUNS Activity
2020 Annual Meeting – UN @ 75: The Future of Partnership and Multilateralism

Updated July, 2020