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Independent Researcher


Areas of Expertise 
African Union, BRICS and Emerging Markets, Civil Society, Civil Wars and Intrastate Conflict, Climate Change, Debt Reduction, Diplomacy, Economic Development, Environment, European Union, Fragile States, Genocide, Global Food Security, Global Governance, Globalization, Human Security, Intergovernmental Organizations, International Affairs, International Financial and Trade Organizations, International Organizations, International Trade, Media and Communication, Multilateralism and Regimes, New Media and Social Media, North-South Relations, Peace and Security, Political Economy, Poverty and Inequality, Regional Specialization, Sustainable Development, Terrorism, The Global South, The Responsibility to Protect, United Nations, United Nations Reform, Women, Peace and Security

Regions of Expertise
Central and South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North Africa, North America, Oceania, Sub-Saharan Africa, The Middle East

At the 2015 ACUNS Annual Meeting, Adewale has unmasked the Multilateralism 2.0 Vision that was previously impossible from Web 2.0 metaphor. He has successfully introduced network thinking, and practices into Global Governance for developing the next United Nations Transformation proposal; as the built Intercontinental System, that is in the form of an Ideal Global Union (The Future UN).

Adewale is currently developing the next-core of global governance model(The Intercontinental Relations in a Multiregional Space Equation); for eliminating global inequality, balancing global political economy, and creating a citizen-centric, all inclusive and open multilateral governance system at the local, regional and global level.

Adewale Obtained a Master degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria and a B.Eng. in Electrical/Computer Engineering from the Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria.

Recent Publications
Bakare AM 2012, ‘The Open World System and Political economy: A Bakarean World,’ Alternatives Turkish Journal of International Relations 11, no. 2, Summer, pp. 90-105, Viewed on 11 January, 2016,

Bakare AM 2014, ‘The Unified World Order: The Exposition of Open World Peace Paradigms,’ American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences 31, no. 2, pp. 75-100.

Recent ACUNS Activity

2015 ACUNS Annual Meeting: The UN at 70 – Guaranteeing Security and Justice (a full paper and presentation on “A Call for Multilateralism 2.0: The Invocation of Open World Order on the United Nations System”, workshop Panel 5)


Updated January 2016