About the Meeting

Citizens, governments and international organizations are confronted with an array of security challenges, including new forms of terrorism and international criminal activity; security implications of environmental degradation; instability in the financial system; militarization of space; unregulated flows of small arms, nuclear technologies and illicit goods; and fragile and failing states. These security dilemmas require innovative thinking beyond traditional national security approaches. Our conference brings together a diverse group of academics and policy practitioners to examine these 21st century security challenges and explore responses.

Plenary Titles

  • An Agenda for Human Rights
  • The UN Under Fire
  • Nuclear and Small Arms Proliferation

Hans Corell 125Keynote Address – President Daniola Türk’s
Former President of Slovakia
New Security Challenges




Hans Corell 125

John Holmes Lecture – Dame Margaret Anstee’s
Former UN Under-Secretary General – What Price Security?
From 1987 to 1992 she served as Director-General of the UN Office in Vienna, covering social and humanitarian affairs and coordinating the UN’s drug control programmes. Finally, from 1992 to 1993 she was appointed the Secretary-General’s Special Representative in Angola. As she rose through these stages, she was the first woman to be appointed Resident Representative, Assistant Secretary-General, Under Secretary-General, and Special Representative of the SG heading a UN peacekeeping mission.