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“Academic excellence and global perspective”

Founded in 1997 as a private non-profit institution, Kadir Has University (KHAS) is one of the leading mid-size universities in Turkey. In the first year, the university began with an enrollment of just four students, in contrast to the more than 5,000 strong student body today. With an exceptional academic staff and a wide range of educational opportunities, as well as high levels of cooperation, interaction, and research capabilities coupled with strong international connections and a dedication to development, Kadir Has University has become a highly respected academic institution.

KHAS is located on the shores of the Golden Horn on the historical peninsula of Istanbul, which was once the capital city of the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire. KHAS is a city university with an award-wining campus. The historical Tekel Cibali building, which was initially built as a state tobacco depot and cigarette factory in 1884, was later restored and outfitted as the central campus of the university with the latest in infrastructure. The restored building was awarded the prestigious Europa Nostra Award, which is given to only the best restoration projects.

While the campus is itself a hub of education and research, its historical museum and exhibition halls provide easy access to the cultural activities that Istanbul offers. The university, which has five faculties, namely Engineering and Natural Sciences; Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences; Communication; Law; and Art and Design, in addition to its three vocational schools, is dedicated to becoming a leader in university education in Turkey and neighboring areas. The university’s five faculties are home to 25 departments, while the vocational schools have a total of 15 departments. As a non-profit institution, the university focuses on quality rather than quantity and offers a wide range of scholarships for students in all departments.

Kadir Has University continues to provide education for students even after graduation from undergraduate programs. The university offers 23 masters and 8 doctoral degree programs in its graduate schools of social sciences and engineering. The Graduate School of Social Sciences was launched in 2001 with two masters programs. It currently offers nineteen programs, five of which are doctoral and fourteen are masters programs in different areas of the social sciences. The Graduate School of Science and Engineering has nine masters and three PhD programs. MS programs, offered with thesis and non-thesis tracks, are also offered so that students have an option for either a future in academics or a technical field.

The Department of International Relations and the Department of Political Science and Public Administration were established under these institutional principles and have been among the centers of academic activities in the university. While these departments offers undergraduate and graduate education, close collaboration with research centers such as the Center for International and European Studies and the Middle East and Africa Research Center provides wide research options for both students and professionals.

At Kadir Has University we strongly believe in the importance of scientific and technical research and dissemination of knowledge, in addition to education, so that we can become an internationally competitive institution. To facilitate the realization of this vision, KHAS is making all efforts to increase its research potential and activities. With the launch of a strategy report in 2006, a historical decision was taken to shift the university’s orientation from teaching to research. Since then, over 110 projects of which 62 are funded by sources other than KHAS, have been logged in our current research portfolio.

We believe that the dissemination of the results of research is just as important as the research itself. For this reason, scholarly data, findings, methods, processes of research, and ideas resulting from research and events organized by academic units and research centers at KHAS are regularly shared with members of the general public for the benefit of the country and beyond. In this regard, it should be pointed out that among universities in Turkey, the faculty members at KHAS are the most frequently consulted by domestic and foreign media, as indicated in the University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Index List, which was announced for the first time in 2012 by Turkey’s Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. KHAS was ranked 6th among foundation universities in the categories of “Cooperation and Interaction” and “Scientific and Technological Research Capability”.

Cibali Campus

Within the Cibali campus, there are various facilities that offer different catering options. Located at the A Block Atrium, the Pigastro Café offers an ideal setting for breakfasts, lunches, coffee meetings. On the 2nd floor of D Block, you can find the Yemekhane restaurant, which has a view over the Golden Horn and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the new Istanbul Culinary Institute restaurant and café on the ground floor of D Block where you can enjoy your lunches. The campus also possesses a Starbucks located next to D Block and a canteen in B Block where you can your enjoy tea/coffee and in addition to sandwiches and snacks. Moreover, there are other cafes and restaurants near the campus.

As for transportation, the easiest way to reach the university from the Taksim and Eminonu areas is to use public buses. From Taksim you can use the 55T bus and from Eminonu you can use either the 99 or 99A buses. You need to get off at the Unkapanı-Kadir Has Universitesi stop which is just across the campus. To use public buses, you need to buy an Istanbul Card which you can also use in all public transportation around Istanbul. The use of taxis from these locations is another easy and relatively affordable option.