ocean-trawlerIan Urbina
New York Times Reporter

ACUNS Member, Ian Urbina has released an investigative series, The Outlaw Ocean. In this series on lawlessness on the high seas, Ian Urbina reveals that crime and violence in international waters often goes unpunished.

Part 4 – Ship captains can flout laws with impunity — enslaving, murdering, and intentionally dumping oil, while raking the oceans clean of fish — because there are no police on the high seas. But what if a vigilante group set out to prove that it could hunt, catch and bring to justice a ship at the top of Interpol’s Most Wanted list?

The answer: the longest sea chase in history, spanning 10,000 miles, across cyclone storms, ship rammings, violent clashes, and deadly building-sized icebergs. And then one of the ships sunk.

This is the fourth installment of The Outlaw Ocean. Reported from the vigilante ship during the pursuit in the South Atlantic, the story shows how laws are tough to enforce on the high seas — and, yet, why it’s essential that we try. Read more

Photo Credit: Simon Ager/Sea Shepherd Global