The Award
The ACUNS Dissertation Fellowship Award recognizes emerging students of extraordinary potential who have reached the stage of writing an advanced graduate-level dissertation on a topic of direct and demonstrable relevance to the United Nations and/or the UN system. Applications not thus related to the UN and/or UN system will not be considered.

Applicants for the award should already be a student member of ACUNS. Information about joining ACUNS can be found on our website under Join/Renew. If you are an applicant from the Global South whose financial status may preclude them from purchasing a membership, please contact [email protected]

Eligible candidates may be citizens of any country and must be entering the writing stage of a PhD, JSD, or LLM level degree—for example, a doctoral candidate who has defended her/his dissertation proposal and who has completed the majority of field research, and who now is writing a first draft of the dissertation. It is not intended for students who already have completed, or who are about to complete, the writing, or who are about to defend their thesis (NB for students working in a UK-context of doctoral studies, the Award relates to students who are in the beginning of their final year/year three of registration and are in the process of writing up).

If you have any questions, or are not clear whether your application falls within the guidelines, you should contact the ACUNS Secretariat prior to submitting your application, at [email protected].

More information about the 2019 Dissertation Award and the online application will be posted here soon.