2015 Dissertation Award Winner


Dahlia Simangan
PhD Candidate, Department of International Relations, College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University
The Responsibility to Rebuild: Exploring the future of UN’s approach to post-conflict peacebuilding

It is an international security concern if a post-conflict country relapses to conflict. Not only were previous international peacebuilding efforts and resources wasted but the conflict may morph into a more severe and intractable one. How then can we ensure sustainable peace in post-conflict societies? Does local participation make peace more sustainable? Given the uneasy stability in many parts of the world, it is important and timely to answer these questions.

My dissertation uses the cases of UN transitional administrations in Cambodia, Kosovo, and East Timor to examine the combination of institutional/top-down and local/bottom-up approaches of peacebuilding. The focus of this examination are the four crucial components of rebuilding according to the Responsibility to Rebuild pillar of the 2001 Responsibility to Protect (R2P) document: security, justice and reconciliation, development, and good governance. I am interviewing individuals who were involved during the transition, reviewing previous assessments, and analyzing socio-economic development indices related to these components. The findings of this research aim to update the Responsibility to Rebuild pillar so that it may serve as a more effective tool in informing future post-conflict peacebuilding missions.


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