June 8-10, 2006
Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

About the Meeting

The 2006 Annual Meeting Considered the fundamental question “Does Multilateralism Still Matter?” Answers to this question will inform ACUNS members’ work as they examine a wide range of issues that have arisen or that have gained prominence over the past decade, including but not limited to: promoting economic and social development and respect for human rights, the spread of democratic institutions and practices, dealing with terrorism and enforcing the nonproliferation of WMD, building a consensus on the use of force, supporting post-conflict peace building efforts in fragile or disrupted states, and the continuing need for reform of (and within) the United Nations and the UN system following and building upon the September 2005 world summit.

Plenary Titles

    • Brazilian Perspectives
    • Civil Society and Multilateral Engagement
    • The Power of UN ideas
    • Prospects for Multilateralism in Policy and Practice

Hans Corell 125Keynote Address – Professor Edward Luck
Director, Center on International Organization, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia





Hans Corell 125

John Holmes Lecture – Professor Michael Doyle
Harold Brown Professor of International Affairs