June 15 – 17, 2001

University of the Americas
Puebla, Mexico

About the Meeting

Strategies for Sustainable Development” will examine the following:
• Construction of public policies for sustainable development
• Connection between migration and development
• Formation of governance at different levels to promote sustainability
• Effect of globalization on the environment
• Role of UN conferences and activities in sustainable development
More specific areas will also be covered including economic implications of sustainability, investment and trade. Human development and human security are also key factors in any analysis of development, particularly as they relate to sustainable resources like water and food.

Plenary Titles

    • Session 1 – Environment and Globalization
    • Session 2 – Migration and Development
    • Session 3 – Governance for Sustainability
    • Session 4 – Constructing Public Policies for Sustainable Development


John W. Holmes Memorial Lecture – Charlotte Ku
Executive Director, American Society of International law and Past Chair, ACUNS Board of Directors