June 24 –  26, 1996
International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation, Turin, Italy

Call for Papers 

The Academic Council on the United Nations System is now accepting paper proposals for workshop panel
presentations at its Ninth Annual Meeting, to be held in Turin, Italy from 24 to 26 June 1996. This meeting
is being organized in cooperation with the International Training Centre of the International Labour
Organisation. The conference format will include four plenary sessions (two to be held each morning) followed by
smaller, simultaneous workshops focusing on the plenary themes. In addition, two workshops will focus on
electronic research and resources on the internet. A fifth plenary session will “take stock” of all panels.
This dual format combines the strengths of previous annual meetings, namely the interaction between
scholars and practitioners in plenary sessions, with a more traditional panel format for meetings that worked
well at both the 1994 session in The Hague and the 1995 session in New York.

Plenary Titles

    • Session 1 – Is There an Agenda for Development: Whither Reform?
    • Session 2 – Toward or Away from Sustainable Human Development?
    • Session 3 – The External Dimensions of Development: Trade, Technology, Development Assistance, and
    • Session 4 – The Changing Role and Impact of the UN System: Working with NGOs and the Private Sector