Summer Workshop in International Organization Studies
“The Evolving Nature of Sovereignty and the Future of Global Security”

July 16–28, 1995
lnstitute of Social Studies, The Hague

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Purposes of this Workshop
The Academic Council on the United Nations System and the American Society of International Law are jointly sponsoring the fifth in a series of summer workshops on international organization studies to be held at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, the Netherlands, from 16 to 28 July 1995. The purposes of these workshops are to:

  • enhance professional development in international organization studies
  • encourage new directions in international organization research
  • establish and strengthen contacts amongst legal and international relations scholars and UN practitioners
  • stimulate new teaching methods in international organization studies

The workshop will be directed by Paul Diehl of the University of Illinois; W. B. Ofuatey-Kodjoe of the City University of New York, and Nico J. Schrijver of the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. The focus of this year’s workshop is “The Evolving Nature of Sovereignty and the Future of Global Security.” Individual sessions will address the following questions:

  • What has sovereignty been, what is it now, and what is it likely to become?
  • What are the characteristics of the newly emerging global system, and what are the relationships between sovereignty and: the maintenance of international peace and security? the promotion of human rights? and the imperatives of economic and
    envi rorimental interdependence?
  • What circumstances have broadened the challenges to sovereignty as conceived by international organizations such as the United Nations?
  • What types of alternative governance structures at the local, national, regional, and global levels will be necessary to cope with the operational implications of a new security paradigm?

Participants are selected by a joint ACUNS/ASIL committee. International relations and legal scholars from institu­tions in Canada, Mexico, and the United States are enc;ouraged to apply. A specific number of slots are reserved for UN officials and scholars from outside North America. The selection committee encourages applications from younger legal and international relations scholars whose research interests in international security, human rights, or sustainable development will inform a debate about the evolution of sovereignty. Participants are expected to submit a research proposal linked to sovereignty to be critiqued by one of the workshop directors and subsequently revised prior to the workshop. Participants will also make an oral presentation at the work­shop. It is hoped that the research paper will be of publishable quality.