Murder at Sea: Captured on Video, but Killers Go Free

OCEANS-VIOLENCE-01-articleLargeIan Urbina
New York Times Reporter

ACUNS Member, Ian Urbina has released an investigative series, The Outlaw Ocean. In this series on lawlessness on the high seas, Ian Urbina reveals that crime and violence in international waters often goes unpunished

Part 2 – SHARJAH KHALID PORT, United Arab Emirates — The man bobbing in the sea raises his arms in a seeming sign of surrender before he is shot in the head. He floats face down as his blood stains the blue water.

A slow-motion slaughter unfolds over the next 6 minutes and 58 seconds. Three other men floating in the ocean, some clinging to what looks like the wreckage of an overturned wooden boat, are surrounded by several large white tuna longliners. The sky above is clear and blue; the sea below, dark and choppy. As the ships’ engines idle loudly, at least 40 rounds are fired as the unarmed men are methodically picked off.

“Shoot, shoot, shoot!” commands a voice over one of the ship’s loudspeakers as the final man is killed. Soon after, a group of men on deck who appear to be crew members laugh among themselves, then pose for selfies. Read more

Photo Credit: Ben C. Solomon for The New York Times

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