block4Tallyn Gray
Doctoral Researcher, University of Westminister
2014 ACUNS-ASIL Summer Workshop Participant

 ACUNS member, Tallyn Gray was recently awarded a Social Sciences accolade for most groundbreaking subject matter by the International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) at the  ICAS 9  convention in Adelaide 2015 for his Thesis, Transition And Justice In Cambodia: Process, Meaning And Narrative 1979-2014. For more information see here.

“Compelling, meticulously researched, and theoretically sophisticated, this dissertation unravels the complex narratives of justice that have shaped Cambodia’s history of violence. From trial processes to informal rituals of memorialization, Gray moves deftly from authorized to marginalized narrative forms in order to rethink the very processes that give meaning to the terms that have come to define Cambodian collective and intergenerational memory: genocide, transition, and justice itself. This is a bold and ambitious project—one that not only contributes to our knowledge of the contemporary Cambodian experience but that demonstrates how modes of narrative theory oft dismissed as ‘postmodern’ might be redeployed to critically examine how stories of violence are ordered into hierarchies and to open new debates about the vital place of storytelling in the pursuit of historical justice.” – ICAS judges