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Through his long career at the UN, Sergio Vieira de Mello was always deeply involved with humanitarian issues and a strong supporter of those working to achieve peace in conflicts in all war situations around the globe, from Kosovo to the Great Lakes, from East Timor to Bosnia.

It is in his memory and to perpetuate his ideal that the Foundation has decided to attribute each year an award to draw world attention to the unnoticed efforts made by an individual, group or an organization having done something special and unique to reconcile people and parties in conflict.

Calls for submission of nominations of awardees are announced on this website. The selection of the winning candidate is made by an independent jury of the Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation.

Request for nominations for the Sergio Vieira de Mello award

The Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation was created by Family and friends of Sergio in 2007. One of the aims of the Foundation is to award an Annual Prize in Sergio’s name once a year to individuals, institutions or communities in recognition of outstanding and unique work for peaceful reconciliation between peoples and parties in conflict. The Principals meeting of the IASC (Interagency Standing Committee) endorsed the award programme at their April 2008 meeting in New York.

The objectives of granting an award in Sergio’s name are to:
  • Encourage and promote dialogue, co-existence and reconciliation at the local community level as a step towards achieving peace and stability and thereby reducing factors that destabilize and displace vulnerable populations.
  • Recognize and draw the world’s attention to the often unnoticed worthy efforts of individuals, groups and organizations at the local community level who in their special traditional peace-building mechanisms bring about dialogue and reconciliation to war torn societies for other communities supported by the international communities, to emulate.
  • Encourage and inspire humanitarian actors to perform beyond the call of duty in alleviating the suffering of victims of conflict by providing effective humanitarian assistance and saving lives.

Criteria for Selecting Candidates for the Award

The Award is conferred on an individual(s), a group or an organization based on a number of selection criteria. These include:

For more information, and access to the nomination form, please click here.