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Director, Editor-in-Chief, Human Security Institute, Canada

Areas of Expertise
Civil Society, Climate Change, Environment, Green/Sustainable Energy, Health, Human Security, Indigenous People, Peace and Security, Post 2015 Development Agenda, Sustainable Development

Dr. Lautensach serves on the faculties of the University of Northern British Columbia, M. Gandhi University, India, and EPU Austria lecturing in social sciences (global public health, global political economy, human security and development studies). She is the founder and current editor-in-chief of the Journal of Human Security.

As director of the Human Security Institute she coordinates collaborations with colleagues in Canada, Europe, and the Australasian region. She conducts research in the development of sustainable policies in global fisheries, human security, and intercultural negotiation dynamics. BA (Hons.) in political science (peace and development studies/anthropology) (McMaster University), an MA in IR(conflict analysis) from NPSIA(Carleton University), and PhD in Political Studies/Anthropology/Fisheries on intercultural conflict resolution and negotiation in UN fisheries treaties, University of Otago, New Zealand.

Recent Publications
Lautensach, S. & A. Lautensach. 2014. Human Insecurity Through Economic Development: Educational Strategies to Destabilise the Dominant Paradigm. In Transitions to Sustainability: Theoretical Debates for a Changing Planet. Humphreys D. & S. Stober (eds.) Champaign, IL: Common Ground.

Lautensach, A. & S.W. Lautensach. 2012. When should we care about sustainability? Applying human security as the decisive criterion. Sustainability. Special Issue “Advances in Sustainability: Selected Papers from 1st World Sustainability Forum” vol.4 (5): 1059-1073. (reprinted in The Pantaneto Forum, 2014)

Lautensach A & S. Lautensach, 2014. Learning from the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in Power, Justice and Citizenship: The Relationships of Power. Darian McBain (ed). Witney, UK Inter-Disciplinary Press.

Lautensach A & S Lautensach 2014. Education for Sustainability: How can Educators Address the Failure of Government? The 4th World Sustainability Forum, 1-30 Nov 2014.

Lautensach, S. W. “The Cultural Aspect of Japanese Whaling”, Watershed Sentinel, Summer 2014.

Updated January, 2015