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Senior Fellow
World Policy Institute

Areas of Expertise
Civil Wars and Intrastate Conflict, Comparative Politics, Diplomacy, Disarmament, Early Warning and Disaster Risk Reduction, Fragile States, Human Trafficking, Humanitarian Affairs, International Affairs, International Organizations, Non-Traditional Security, Oceans and Law of the Sea, Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict, Terrorism, United Nations

Region of Focus
Central and South Asia, The Middle East

With political theory, international law and international organizations as her favorite thinking hooks,
her areas of expertise are issues of cross cutting concerns for global security. Starting her career in India as the Deputy Director of Indian Council of Social Science research, she was a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses when she joined the UN Secretariat in 1980.
Chief of the Conventional Arms Branch in the Department of Disarmament Affairs, Focal Point for Secretary General Kofi Annan’s system wide Coordination of Action on Small Arms

Member of Under Secretary General Marrack Goulding’s Working Group on Early Warining and Executive of Director-General Jean Ripert’s High Level Inter -Agency Task Force on Disarmaent and Development, are among some high points of her long career at the United Nations. A Senior Adviser to UN Missions and capitals, a guest instructor at Columbia, Yale, Johns Hopkins and New York University ,she continues to be an expert invitee by BBC, Voice of America, ZTV and Vision of Asia and was a Senior Program Adviser and Focal Point for South Asia for Oceans Beyond Piracy until 2015.

A Presidential Gold Medalist for Masters in Political Science and a Ph.D in international affairs from Jawaharlal Unviversity, she has received over a dozen awards and honours for academic and professional excellence.

Recent Publications
Global Risk Management, War Avoidance Strategies of Civil Society Organizations, Re-Visiting Marine Biodiversity Treaty, Who Would Pay for SDG’s 2030, ISI as a Spolier of UN Pecekeepers in the Middle East, Doctrinal Resilience and Strategic Autonomy, Non-State Actors and Terrorism, Terropiracy are among the issues she has written about and addressed recently.

Recent ACUNS Activity
Wrote the center fold article for the ACUNS Newsltter, a book review of Strategies for War Aavoidnace and participated in ACUNS led/ sponsored events/ consultations in New York.Continue to represent ACUNS in NY based events as and when requested.