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ACUNS podcasts feature three series; Current Issues, Professional Development, and Book Talks, all of which are available on our website and iTunes. If you are looking for a specific podcast you can easily search the directory by podcast series, interviewee, podcast title, date recorded, and keywords. Clicking on the podcast title will take you directly to that post; clicking on the podcast category will take you to all podcasts in that series.

If you have any questions about the podcasts please email [email protected]

CategoryNumberTitleDate RecordedIntervieweeKeywords
Book Talk1Keeping Watch: Monitoring Technology and Innovation in UN Peace OperationsJune 7, 2012Walter DornPeacekeeping, Peace and Conflict, United Nations, Human Security
Book Talk2Trends in American International Legal ScholarshipDecember 5, 2012Dr. Paolo BargiacchiInternational Law, United Nations, International Criminal Court
Book Talk3The Golden Fleece: Manipulation and Independence in Humanitarian ActionFebruary 9, 2013Antonio DoniniHumanitarian Affairs, United Nations, Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict
Book Talk4Transformative Political Leadership & Africa EmergesMarch 20, 2013Robert RotbergInternational Development, Peacekeeping, Ethics and Leadership
Book Talk5International Development: Ideas, Experience, and ProspectsApril 29, 2013Rohinton MedhoraInternational Development, Peacekeeping, Ethics and Leadership, Political Economy
Book Talk6The Oxford Handbook of Modern DiplomacyJune 27, 2013Andrew F. CooperDiplomacy, Global Governance
Book Talk7Aid, NGOs and the Realities of Women’s Lives: A Perfect StormAugust 16, 2013Fenella PorterInternational non-governmental organizations, United Nations, International Development
Book Talk8Territoriality and Migration in the EU NeighbourhoodSeptember 24, 2013Margaret Walton-Roberts & Jenna L. HennebryMigration, European Union, Human Security,
Book Talk9Speaking Rights to PowerOctober 15, 2013Alison BryskInternational Governance, Human Trafficking, Human Rights, Civil Society
Book Talk10Shooting For a Century: The India-Pakistan Conundrum March 27, 2014Stephen P. CohenCivil Wars and Intrastate Conflict, US Foreign Policy
Book Talk11The United Nations at Work in AsiaOctober 22, 2014Dr. Roy MoreyUnited Nations, International Development
Book Talk12Challenges of Constructing Legitimacy in Peacebuilding: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone, and East TimorJune 29, 2015Daisaku HigashiUnited Nations, Peacebuilding, Post-conflict reconstruction and development
Book Talk13The Procedure of the UN Security CouncilSeptember 8, 2015Loraine SieversUnited Nations, Peace and Security, International Sanctions
Book Talk14International Responses to Mass Atrocities in Africa Responsibility to Protect, Prosecute, and PalliateSeptember 21, 2015Kurt MillsHuman Rights, International Justice, United Nations, Genocide
Book Talk15Wartime Origins and the Future United NationsMarch 28, 2016Dan PleschUnited Nations, Multilateralism and Regimes, Economic Development
Book Talk16The Human Rights Based Approach to Carbon FinanceJuly 25, 2016Damilola OlawuyiClimate Change, United Nations, Human Rights, Environment
Current Issues1Child SoldiersJuly 1, 2009Dr. W Andy KnightChildren and Armed Conflict, Human Security, Violence Against Children, Peace and Security
Current Issues2Security Council ReformAugust 1, 2009A.J.R. GroomUnited Nations Reform,United Nations, Multilateralism and Regimes, Global Governance
Current Issues3PeacekeepingSeptember 1, 2009Lise Morje HowardPeacekeeping, United Nations, Peacebuilding, Peace and Security
Current Issues4HaitiSeptember 1, 2009Dr. Yasmine ShamsieCivil Wars and Intrastate Conflict, United Nations, Peacekeeping, The Global South, Human Security
Current Issues5Global Environmental GovernanceOctober 1, 2009Dr. Maria IvanovaEnvironment, Global Governance, Intergovernmental Organizations, Climate Change, International Organizations.
Current Issues6Security Sector ReformNovember 1, 2009Mark SedraPost-conflict reconstruction and development, Human Security, Fragile States, Non-Traditional Security.
Current Issues7Food SecurityFebruary 5, 2010Jennifer ClappGlobal Food Security, Global Governance, The Global South, Poverty and Inequality, Human Rights
Current Issues8Non-Proliferation TreatyApril 1, 2010Dr. Ramesh ThankurDisarmament, Treaties, Peace and Security, Terrorism
Current Issues9R2PMay 1, 2010Dr. Thomas WeissThe Responsibility to Protect, Humanitarian Response, United Nations, Peacebuilding, Human Security
Current Issues10Global Governance and Human RightsJune 1, 2010Dr. Rhoad Howard-HassmannGlobal Governance, Human Rights, Women's Rights, International Human Rights Law, United Nations.
Current Issues11Nuclear Energy and Global GovernanceJuly 1, 2010Dr. Trevor Findlay Global Governance, Disarmament, Green/Sustainable Energy, Human Security
Current Issues12Robust PeacekeepingAugust 1, 2010Dr. Theirry TardyPeacekeeping, Humanitarian Response, Peace and Security, International Organizations
Current Issues13China as a Multilateral ActorChina as a Multilateral ActorAugust 1, 2010Gregory ChinMultilateralism and Regimes, Regional Specialization, International Affairs, Economic Development.
Current Issues14European Union's Role and Status as a Global ActorNovember 1, 2010Jan WoutersEuropean Union, Multilateralism and Regimes, International Affairs, International Organizations
Current Issues15Fragility of States and Global GovernanceDecember 1, 2010Tim SiskGlobal Governance, Civil Wars and Intrastate Conflict, Post-conflict reconstruction and development, Peacebuilding, Fragile States.
Current Issues16Taking a Long View to Understand Global GovernanceJanuary 1, 2011Charlotte KuGlobal Governance, International Law, International Affairs
Current Issues17The United States of Africa?February 1, 2011Thomas Kwasi TiekuMultilateralism and Regimes, African Union, The Global South, Civil Society
Current Issues18Human Rights and Advocacy in the HumanitiesMarch 1, 2011Katja KurzHuman Rights, UN Human Rights System, Global Governance, Civil Society, New Media and Social Media
Current Issues19The Quaker United Nations Office: Addressing Peacebuilding and the Prevention of Violent Conflict through Dialogue and Quiet DiplomacyAugust 1, 2011Camilla CampisiUnited Nations, Peacebuilding, Diplomacy,
Current Issues20Sovereign Equality and Moral Disagreement: Premises of a Pluralist International Legal OrderSeptember 1, 2011Brad RothHuman Rights, International Law, International Affairs, International Justice
Current Issues21Teaching the United NationsNovember 1, 2011Carlos YordanUnited Nations, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Global Governance, International Organizations
Current Issues22International Legal Cooperation in Addressing Transnational CrimeDecember 1, 2011Paulette LLoyd
Current Issues23R2P: Southern PerspectivesJanuary 7, 2012Rama ManiThe Global South, Humanitarian Response, Ethics and Leadership, The Responsibility to Protect
Current Issues24Reflections on ACUNS and on IO/IPE StudiesMay 8, 2012Robert CoxNorth-South Relations, International Organizations, Political Economy,
Current Issues25Elections in Burma, but Ongoing Civil WarMay 9, 2012Elaine PearsonHuman Rights, UN Human Rights System, Women's Rights,
Current Issues26UN Peacekeeping, 20 Years of ReformMay 10, 2012Madame Louise Frechette Peacekeeping, United Nations Reform, Peace and Security
Current Issues27Issues Facing Small Island Nations Threatened By Sea Level RiseJune 1, 2012Michael B. GerrardHuman Security, Small Island States, Environment, Oceans and Law of the Sea
Current Issues28Rio +20: a Human Rights PerspectiveJuly 17, 2012Melinda Ching SimonUnited Nations, Sustainable Development, Human Rights, UN Human Rights System
Current Issues29Olympic TruceOctober 31, 2012Hugh DuganUnited Nations, Diplomacy, Media and Communication, Ethics and Leadership
Current Issues30The European Union and the 2012 Nobel Peace PrizeDecember 3, 2012Ioannis VrailasUnited Nations, European Union, Diplomacy, Global Governance, Peacebuilding
Current Issues31Climate Change After DohaFebruary 7, 2013Simon DalbyTreaties, Environment, Climate Change
Current Issues32Business and Human RightsFebruary 7, 2013Radu MaresHuman Rights, United Nations, United Nations Human Rights System, International Organizations
Current Issues33Femicide, Death Penalty and UN Evolution: ACUNS Vienna InitiativesOctober 15, 2013Michael Platzer & Leah NorrisWomen's Rights, Women, Peace and Security, Human Rights, United Nations
Current Issues34SOS Children’s Villages & the Post-2015 Development AgendaNovember 12, 2013Katharina Thon & Sofia Garcia-GarciaViolence Against Children, United Nations, Post 2015 Development Agenda, Millenium Development Goals
Current Issues35Landmines and the Nobel Women’s InitiativeNovember 12, 2013Jody WilliamsMine Action, Disarmament, Treaties
Current Issues36Immigration-Related Employment Issues: Comparing the United States & BotswanaDecember 11, 2013Glenys SpenceImmigration, Economic Development, Political Economy
Current Issues37Saving Future GenerationsJanuary 24, 2014Jamie Arbuckle Peacebuilding, Peacekeeping, Civil Society, Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development
Current Issues38Business for PeaceFebruary 28, 2014Melissa PowellPeacebuilding, Post 2015 Development Agenda, Peace and Security, Corporate Social Responsibility
Current Issues39Medicalization & Weapons ControlMarch 27, 2014Ritu MathurDisarmament, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Health, Human Rights
Current Issues40Reflecting on “The Coming Anarchy” with Betsy HartmannApril 29, 2014Betsy HartmannPeace and Security, Journalism, Media and Communication, Environment
Current Issues41Freedom of the Press 2014May 29, 2014Jennifer DunhamJournalism, Media and Communication, New Media and Social Media, Civil Society
Current Issues42Global Connections TelevisionMay 29, 2014Bill MillerUnited Nations, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Media and Communication
Current Issues43Reflecting on “The Coming Anarchy” with Simon DalbyJuly 28, 2014Simon DalbyEnvironment, Global Governance, Sustainable Development, Peace and Security
Current Issues44Influence of Kaplan’s Ideas and Images on MediaSeptember 23, 2014Cleo PaskalJournalism, Media and Communication, Environment
Current Issues45Global Centre for the Responsibility to ProtectSeptember 24, 2014Dr. Simon AdamsThe Responsibility to Protect, Humanitarian Response, United Nations
Current Issues46Angela Kane, High Representative on the Disarmament of Chemical Weapons in SyriaOctober 21, 2014Ms. Angela KaneDisarmament, The United Nations, Treaties
Current Issues47Developing Global Norms for Cyber SecurityNovember 25, 2014Paul MeyerNon-Traditional Security, The United Nations, Globalization
Current Issues48Advancing Women’s Human Rights: Reflection on CSW’59 and the Path AheadMarch 25, 2015Gaynel CurryHuman Rights, Women's Rights, Women, Peace and Security, The United Nations
Current Issues49The Responsibility to Protect and the Structural Problems of Preventive Humanitarian InterventionApril 23, 2015Roland ParisPeacekeeping, The Responsibility to Protect, The United Nations
Current Issues50Delivering Humanitarian Assistance: Risking Irrelevance - Which way is up?May 22, 2015Nigel FisherThe United Nations, Humanitarian Affairs, The Global South
Current Issues51United Nations Population FundJune 19, 2015Babatunde OsotimehinThe United Nations, Women's Rights, Violence Against Women, Post 2015 Development Agenda
Current Issues52Peace and Post-2015: Into the Home StretchJuly 27, 2015Andrew TomlinsonPost 2015 Development Agenda, Sustainable Development, The United Nations, Peacebuilding, International Non-Governmental Organizations
Current Issues53Everyday Peace Indicators August 24, 2015Pamina Firchow Peace and Security, Non-Traditional Security, International Organizations
Current Issues54Is the United Nations fit for purpose?November 20, 2015Sam DawsThe United Nations, Peace and Security, Humanitarian Affairs, Sustainable Development
Current Issues55Engaging Higher Academic Institutions in African Peace and Security Affairs – African Vice-Chancellors’ Debate at the Tana High-Level ForumMarch 24, 2016Mesfin GebremichaelPeace and Security, International Affairs
Current Issues56Human Trafficking of Women and ChildrenApril 25, 2016Christine BalarezoHuman Rights, Human Trafficking, Organized Crime
Current Issues57"Men Can Be Raped Too"May 24, 2016Dr. Chris DolanProtection From Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Human Rights, Sexual Violence in Conflict
Current Issues58Choosing the Next Secretary GeneralJune 27, 2016Hugh DuganThe United Nations, Secretaries-General, United Nations Reform
Current Issues59World Humanitarian Summit: Nobody is off the HookJune 28, 2016Catherine BraggThe United Nations, United Nations Reform, Humanitarian Affairs
Current Issues60Proposal for a Displaced Persons ConventionJuly 27, 2016Jill GoldenzielInternational Law, Refugees and Displacement, Human Rights
Current Issues61Global Compact Cities ProgrammeSeptember 27, 2016Michael NolanThe United Nations, Sustainable Devlopment, The Private Sector and Private-Public Partnerships
Current Issues62The South Sudan Peace ProcessSeptember 28, 2016Daisaku HIgashiPeace and Security, United Nations, Peacebuilding,
Current Issues63The US Approach to International Human RightsNovember 30, 2016Ari KohenHuman Rights, US Foreign Policy, International Affairs
Current Issues64UN Peacekeeping: Challenging Assumptions, Improving UnderstandingJanuary 23, 2017Marina HenkeUnited Nations, International Organizations, Peacekeeping, Peace and Security
Professional Development1Presenting Scholarly Work for Policy-RelevanceMarch 1, 2011Tim SiskGlobal Governance, Partnerships, Multilateralism and Regimes, Media and Public Policy
Professional Development2Opportunities for Non-Linear CVs (and Professionals) in International DevelopmentApril 7, 2011Nanette Archer SvensonInternational Development, Ethics and Leadership, International Non-Governmental Organizatioins
Professional Development3Manual for UN Delegates – Conference Process, Procedure and NegotiationMay 7, 2011Ambassador Ronald WalkerDiplomacy, International Affairs, International Organizations
Professional Development4Human Resources Management in the UN Secretariat: New approaches and opportunitiesNovember 1, 2011Catherine PollardThe United Nations, Secretaries-General, United Nations Reforms
Professional Development5Big-C, Little-c and K-StarMay 15, 2012Dr. Alex Bielak Environment, Oceans and Law of the Sea, Media and Communication, Sustainable Development
Professional Development6Peace Operations Training InstituteOctober 23, 2012Dr. Harvey LangholtzPeace and Security, Peacebuilding, Humanitarian Affairs
Professional Development7The Human Resources Landscape in UNFPA and BeyondDecember 11, 2012Mr. Michael EmeryThe United Nations, International Organizations, Global Governance
Professional Development8The International Civil Servant – An Agent of ChangeDecember 11, 2012Katarina ManssonThe United Nations, Secretaries-General, Peacekeeping, Humanitarian Affairs
Professional Development9IO BIO ProjectApril 10, 2013Kent Kille & Bob ReinaldaSecretaries-General, The United Nations, International Organizations
Professional Development10The Future UN Development System Project and the MDGsMay 27, 2013Stephen Browne Millennium Development Goals, United Nations Reform, United Nations, Post 2015 Development Agenda
Professional Development11Addressing Latin American Displacement at the Commission on the Status of Women, 2013July 14, 2013Melissa TorresViolence Against Women, Human Trafficking, Human Rights
Professional Development12Innocent at Large: With the UN in the Horn of AfricaAugust 21, 2013George SomerwillMedia and Communication, Peacekeeping, Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development, The United Nations
Professional Development13Emerging Scholars and Practitioners September 24, 2013Furqan AsifGlobal Governance, Climate Change, Environment, United Nations Reform
Professional Development14Multi-rack Careers: Special Operations Commander, Lawyer, Digital ProfessorsApril 29, 2014Ronald S. Magnum Peace and Security, Peacekeeping, International Law,
Professional Development15Outreach and UN-DPIJune 12, 2014Maher NasserUnited Nations, United Nations Reforms, International Non-Governmental Organization, Intergovernmental Organizations
Professional Development16Organizational Culture and the UNAugust 5, 2014Alisa ClarkeEthics and Leadership, United Naitons, United Nations Reform, Global Governance
Professional Development17The Evolution of International LawAugust 15, 2014Yves BeigbederInternational Criminal Court, International Law, International Justice, International Organizations, Development of International Law
Professional Development18International Criminal Law and Justice Program January 21, 2015Albert E. ScherrInternational Criminal Court, International Law, International Justice, International Organizations, Development of International Law
Professional Development19Human Impacts Institute February 20, 2015Tara DePorteEnvironment, Sustainable Development, Green/Sustainable Energy, Partnerships, International Institutes
Professional Development20Certificate in United Nations Studies at Seton Hall University July 27, 2015Martin S. Edwards Global Governance, United Nations, UN Human Rights System
Professional Development
21Building an International CareerAugust 24, 2015Lemoyne BaquetThe Global South, Journalism, Media and Communication, Humanitarian Affairs, Regional Specialization
Professional Development22Priorities for the Future December 8, 2015Morten Kjaerum International Humanitarian Law, International Justice, Human Rights, Economic Development
Professional Development23From Practitioner to PhDJanuary 27, 2016Louise ArmstrongSustainable Development, Economic Development, The Private Sector and Private Public Partnerships
Professional Development24Pathways into the United NationsAugust 31, 2016Stefan KuuskneOceans and Law of the Sea, United Nations, International Organizations
Current Issues65UNFOLD ZERO, the threat of nuclear weapons & emerging solutions through the United NationsFebruary 21, 2017Alyn WareDisarmament, Diplomacy, Peacebuilding, United Nations
Book Talk17The United Nations as a Knowledge System February 7, 2017Nanette SvensonUnited Nations, International Organizations, Economic Development, Poverty and Inequality