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Deputy Head of the Scientific Committee
Hellenic Association of Political Scientists


Areas of Expertise
Children and Armed Conflict, Civil Society, Climate Change, Comparative Politics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Diplomacy, Economic Development, Environment, Ethics and Leadership, European Union, Genocide, Global Food Security, Green/Sustainable Energy, Health, Millennium Development Goals, Peacekeeping, Poverty and Inequality, Refugees and Displacement, Sustainable Development, United Nations, Violence Against Children, Women, Peace and Security

Region of Focus
Central and South Asia, Europe, North Africa, North America, Sub-Saharan Africa

Graduated from the Faculty of Business administration Studies at the Technical Educational Institute of Athens specialized in Health and Welfare Management with expertise in (health economics  and health policy). In the period 2014-2016, he obtains the master title “Health Economics and Management” in the university of Piraeus. He is a PhD candidate in medical tourism as a level of economic growth: a conceptual approach and empirical analysis of the dynamics of health services at the Technical University of Chania.

Mr Mpatakis currently works as an officer administrator at a diagnostic center (IATROPOLIS)  which has given him the valuable experience of working with patients. He can communicate in fluency with other health care colleagues. He has worked as office administrator at the international company Mednet. His duties were: a) Preparing and conducting announcements and preapproval hospital imports of insured patients whom health insurance is private, b) Communicating with insurance companies for anything they need about their clients, c) Issuing discharge notes of patients – invoices, d) Cooperation with auditor physicians in order to achieve the most efficacy result. Summarizing, the main purpose is to improve patients’ outcomes and to reduce health cost .He am also administrative assistant- web administrator to the company Cretan Medical Journal (Trimester Publication). This company is a non-profit organization. It’s main role is to conduct research in the health and social sector. Also, the company has a newspaper ”Medical Year Of Crete”, which has a website too. For the last year, he has been member of Hellenic Association of Political Scientists (ΕΟΠΕ – HAPSc).This Organization has a Special Consultative Status with Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. He would like to make special reference about HONORARY AWARDS to the First collective prize  in the 21st Contest Economia on issue Health: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, “Partnership Greek Universities and Private service provision Genetics medicine”.

Recent Publications
Junior-researcher in the project “Standard quality model development in health education, selfcare and tumor patients’ rehabilitation” realized in cooperation with the Hellenic Ministry of Health and the Technological Educational Institute of Athens.

Junior Research Assistant Research Program “Archimedes III”: Supporting research groups for the project: “Methodology in assessing services of Primary Healthcare within the local community and creation of documented expertise manual.

Participation in 12th Pan-Hellenic Conference for the administration, finance and health policies “Genetic markers of colon cancer: clinical and economic theoretical approaches” (D. Batakis, N. Tsiamis, Ath. Vozikis)