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Visiting scholar
Columbia University


Areas of Expertise
Global Governance, Globalization, Human Rights, International Human Rights Law, International Justice, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Multilateralism and Regimes, New Media and Social Media, Peace and Security, UN Human Rights System

Region of Focus
East Asia and the Pacific

After working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (1983-1995) and United Nations Development Programme in New York (1992-1994), I have engaged in several global campaigns about child rights as Head of the Communication Department of the Japan Committee for UNICEF (1998-2004).

Then, as Director of the Child Rights Center of the Save the Children Japan (2008-2010), I have engaged in the global campaign for realizing the 3rd Optional Protocol/CRC for Communication Procedures.

Currently I am a visiting scholar to the Institute for the Study of Human Rights/Columbia University in New York, conducting research about philosophy of human rights and global education.

Recent Publications

Collective Human Right to Collective Identity in Paul Tiedemann ed., Right to Identity (ARSP-Beihefte, volume 147) (Franz Steiner Verlag, Jan. 2016)

A neo-communitarian approach on human rights as a cosmopolitan imperative in East Asia, Filosofi a Unisinos, 13(3), Sep/Dec 2012(Dec,2012)

Difference in the Conceptions of Self as subject of human rights between the West and Japan – Can Confucian Self be strong enough to exercise the positive liberty in the authoritarian society ? in Thomas Bustamante and Oche Onazi eds., Rights, Language and Law (ARSP-Beihefte, volume 131)(Franz Steiner Verlag, March 2012)