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Director of Center for Global Affairs
Peace Islands Institute


Areas of Expertise
Civil Society, Globalization, International Non-Governmental Organizations, International Organizations, Peacebuilding, Sustainable Development, United Nations

Region of Focus
North America, Sub-Saharan Africa

Mr. Kilic is the Director of the Center for Global Affairs at the Peace Islands Institute. Currently, he is purseing his Ph.D. in Global and Comparative Education at Walden University. He co-edited the book “Peacebuilding through Education”. He organizes programs on global issues by engaging diplomats accredited to the United Nations with the private sector, the media, academics, representatives of civil society organizations, and youth at local, national, and global levels. In 2007, he founded an Early Childhood Education Center and worked as an ESL curriculum coordinator at Brooklyn Amity School. Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator awarded Mehmet Kilic with the 2012 Rising Star Award for his commitment and dedication to community service in New York.

Recent Publications
Peacebuilding through Education: Challenges, Opportunities, Cases
Published by Peace Island Institute
Copyright © 2014 Peace Islands Institute
ISBN: 978-1-939592-03-3