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MA, PhD Candidate
Management Center Innsbruck / UN Women National Committee Austria

Areas of Expertise
Health, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, International Organizations, Violence Against Women,

Johanna Kostenzer is a teaching and research assistant in the department of International Health and Social Management at Management Centre Innsbruck/Austria. She is a member of the editorial board for the book project “Human Trafficking – Global and Local Perspectives” and head of the research project “Setting the Agenda in Reproductive Health”. Johanna is about to finish her PhD studies in Political Science at University of Innsbruck focusing her research project on “Prenatal Sex Selection and the International Agenda”. She holds a master’s degree in International Health Care Management from Management Center Innsbruck with a specialization in International Community Health. She studied in Innsbruck, Oslo and Charleston and was a visiting researcher at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm/Sweden. Johanna gained experience with international organizations such as OCADES Caritas/Burkina Faso, SOS Children’s Villages International, and ACCESS Health International. She is a board member of the UN Women National Committee Austria.

Recent Publications

Kostenzer, J. Eliminating Prenatal Sex Selection? The Global Agenda and National Action Plans (publication forthcoming in Global Studies Journal).

Sinz, H., Kostenzer, J. & Walch, S., 2015. Future health care managers and the need for an international and interprofessional learning experience – the case of a summer school on cross-border health care. International Journal for Teaching and Education, 3(2), pp.30-48.

Kostenzer, J., 2014. Prenatal Sex Selection in Southeastern Europe/ the Southern Caucasus and the Role of International Organizations. Global Studies Journal, 7(2), pp.7-15.

Kostenzer, J., 2013. Female Genital Mutilation in Europe – An overall approach to eliminate the practice. Saarbrücken: AV.

Reddy, R. & Kostenzer, J., 2011. Health of the East Coast population of India. Available at: Hyderabad: ACCESS Health International.

Reddy, R., Babu, K.S, Kostenzer, J., 2011. Health Needs of North Coastal Prakasam region Andhra Pradesh, India. Available at:


Updated February 2016