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PhD Candidate & Teaching Assistant

School of Politics & International Studies, University of Leeds


Areas of Expertise

Diplomacy, Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict, The Responsibility to Protect, United Nations, United Nations Reform

I have a Joint Honours Degree in History & Politics at the University of Strathclyde in my native Glasgow, before studying for my Masters in Comparative and Transnational History at Central Michigan University in the USA.

Presently at Leeds I am researching the sustainability of international society given normative contestation to do with questions of intervention.

Specifically I am considering whether the P3 states practice in Cote d’Ivoire, Libya and Syria can be characterised as Liberal Vanguardism, which could pose a threat to the sustainability of international society – in spite of their intentions.

Recent Publications

Recent ACUNS Activity

ACUNS were of great assistance to me when I last conducted research at the UN in New York in November 2014