• During the Geneva Lectures Series organized by the United Nations Office at Geneva ( UNOG ) and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research ( UNITAR ).

    Global Governance: Volume 15, Issue 2, 2009

    Contents The John W. Holmes Lecture: Growing the “Third UN” for People-centered Development—The United Nations, Civil Society, and Beyond (pp. 153-168) Global Insights Multisectoralism, Participation, […]

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  • Issue 2. 2009

    Issue 2. 2009

    Featuring “Growing Pains: Assessing the First Seven years of the International Criminal Court” by Michael Struett “The International Criminal Court: Capturing Public Attention”  by Charlotte […]

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  • Presentation "Global Citizenship in a Changing World" and Q&A's, Drake University

    Global Governance: Volume 15, Issue 1, 2009

    Contents Special Forum: Crisis and the Future of Global Financial Governance (pp. 1-28) Global Insights Information and Communication Technologies for Development: A Critical Perspective (pp. […]

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  • Issue 1. 2009

    Issue 1. 2009

    Featuring “Reflections on Gender Equality: Through the Eyes of a Diplomat” by Louise Frechette “Gender Mainstreaming in an Insecure and Unequal World” by Jane Parpart […]

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  • Cuban doctors administer vaccinations for Tetnus and Dyptheria provided by WHO at the Delmas 33 IDP camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

    Global Governance: Volume 14, Issue 4, 2008

    Contents Introduction: Global Governance of Water (pp. 405-407) Global Insights Global Governance of Water: A Practitioner’s Perspective (pp. 409-417) Articles Governance and the Global Water […]

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  • Issue 4. 2008

    Issue 4. 2008

    Featuring 1. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at Sixty- Bertrand Ramcharan 2. DPI/NGO Conference on Human Rights in Paris – Swadesh M Rana 3. […]

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  • Secretary General Ban Ki Moon meets with rock star and activist Bono from the Band U2

    Global Governance: Volume 14, Issue 3, 2008

    Contents Global Insights The Downside of Celebrity Diplomacy: The Neglected Complexity of Development (pp. 259-264) Beyond One Image Fits All: Bono and the Complexity of […]

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  • Issue 3. 2008

    Issue 3. 2008

    Featuring “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at Sixty” by Bertrand Ramcharan “DPI/NGO Conference on Human Rights in Paris” by Swadesh M Rana “Just Do […]

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  • Global Comp[act Board Meeting

    Global Governance: Volume 14, Issue 2, 2008

    Contents Global Insights Runaway Globalization Without Governance (pp. 119-125) What Kind of International Public Service Do We Need for the Twenty-first Century? (pp. 127-133) Articles […]

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  • Issue 2. 2008

    Issue 2. 2008

    Featuring Has the United Nations Entered the New Information Age?- Michael Platzer A Fond Farewell From the Executive Director- Alistair Edgar Pushing Australia to Re-engage […]

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