• Stefan, Cristina

    Stefan, Cristina

    Lecturer in International Relations University of Leeds   Areas of Expertise Human Rights, Human Security, International Affairs, International Criminal Court, International Justice, International Law, Peace […]

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  • Gray, Tallyn

    Gray, Tallyn

    Research and Projects Advisor, International Nuremberg Principles Academy Research and Projects Advisor, International Nuremberg Principles Academy   Areas of Expertise Genocide, Human Rights, International Justice, […]

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  • Michel, Verónica

    Michel, Verónica

    Assistant Professor John Jay College-CUNY   Areas of Expertise Civil Society, Human Rights, International Justice, Transitional Justice Region of Focus Latin America and the Caribbean […]

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  • Nicolas, Leila

    Nicolas, Leila

    Professor, Lebanese University
    Areas of Expertise – Global Governance, International Affairs, International Justice, Peacebuilding, Terrorism

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  • Edgar, Alistair

    Edgar, Alistair

    Executive Director, ACUNS, Wilfrid Laurier University
    Areas of Expertise – Human Security, Intergovernmental Organizations, Peacebuilding, The Responsibility to Protect, Transitional Justice, United Nations

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  • Forsythe, David

    Forsythe, David

    Professor of Political Science, University of Nebraska Emeritus
    Areas of Expertise – Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs, Humanitarian Response, International Non-Governmental, Organizations

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