• Joseph, Abraham

    Joseph, Abraham

    Special Advisor, Public Service Institute
    Areas of Expertise – Climate Change, Economic Development, Fragile States, Global Food Security, Globalization

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  • Willmore, Larry

    Willmore, Larry

    Research Scholar
    Areas of Expertise – Economic Development, Global Governance, Globalization, International Trade, Political Economy

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  • Duran, Roberto

    Duran, Roberto

    Professor, Institute of Political Science, Catholic University of Chile
    Areas of Expertise – BRICS and Emerging Markets, Diplomacy, Disarmament, European Union, Global Governance

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  • Stoett, Peter

    Stoett, Peter

    Director, Loyola Sustainability Research Centre, Concordia University
    Areas of Expertise – Children and Armed Conflict, Civil Society, Climate Change, Development of International Law, Environment

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  • Wilkinson, Rorden

    Wilkinson, Rorden

    Professor of International Relations, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex
    Areas of Expertise – Global Governance, International Organization, International Trade, The World Trade Organization, International Development

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