June 19-21, 2014 | Kadir Has University | Cibali Campus | Istanbul

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Conference Theme

Seventy years after Dumbarton Oaks, as the international community also prepares in one more year to mark the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, the 2014 ACUNS Annual Meeting at Kadir Has University offers an opportunity for scholars and practitioners to address a number of questions concerning the health and vitality of contemporary global governance. Across broad and critical themes of global conflict and security resolution, political economy, environment and sustainable development, justice and human rights, social affairs, and multilateral diplomacy, ACUNS members and others are invited to pose their own questions of power and knowledge, agency, architecture, accountability and responsiveness; of strengths, weaknesses, and continuing gaps in global leadership at different levels; of newly emerging or declining norms, practices, and instruments; of institutional and relational adaptation or stasis. What has been achieved, and what appears to have failed, in efforts to provide or promote good global governance processes and outcomes related to issues in these thematic areas? What has not (yet) been attempted? What lessons have been learned from successes and from failures, and what still needs to be learned? Who or what is, or should be, responsible  – multilateral organizations and institutions, states (which ones?), the private sector, NGOs and civil society – and under what conditions? What can or should the UN – as a political body, as an international organization, and as a set of ideas and values – reasonably be expected to accomplish in providing global governance leadership? What are the viable alternatives, if any? You are invited to discuss these, and many other challenging issues, at the 2014 ACUNS Annual Meeting. Plenary Sessions

  1. Conflict Management Norms, State Interests, and Civilian Protection
  2. Sustainable Development and Resilient Cities in the Post-2015 Agenda
  3. Local Ownership, Global Collective Action, and Addressing Fragile States
  4. Can the United Nations Survive ‘Patchwork Multilateralism’?
Online Submission of Workshop Paper and Panel Proposals

The Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) is now accepting workshop paper and panel proposals. Proposals on the Annual Meeting theme – “Global Governance: Engaging New Norms and Emerging Challenges” – and on the subthemes and issues raised in the introductory note, in addition to other topics relating to the UN system and the broader mandate of the Council, will be considered. Current ACUNS members in good standing (including new or newly-renewed members) will be given priority consideration for their proposals, but non-members are welcome to submit proposals. NB In order to present at the AM14 workshops, Council membership will be required: this includes all persons participating in a full panel team proposal. The deadline for submitting proposals is Monday April 14, 2014.

Register for the Annual Meeting

Partner Conference: Human Rights and Change

ACUNS is pleased to announce that our 2014 Annual Meeting is being organized in association with, and will be preceded immediately by, the joint conference: “Human Rights and Change”. Individuals who are attending both conferences can receive 20% off the registration fee for the 2014 ACUNS Annual Meeting. For more information, please contact [email protected] This joint international  conference is  organized by:

  • Human Rights Section, International Studies Association
  • Human Rights Section, American Political Science Association
  • Human Rights Research Committee, International Political Science Association
  • Standing Group on Human Rights and Transition, European Consortium for Political Research

View the call for papers and learn more about the Human Rights and Change Conference Visit the Human Rights and Change Website